NPR Friday Round Up: Dyslexia and Teaching Special Ed

What is in store for special education during this new presidential term? How will public schools continue to support and nurture our children who may need extra support? How can we continue to advocate as students, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens? These 2 articles give some insight to how we can help others understand the challenges faced.


Finding Words in Paint: How Artists See Dyslexia

“I understand things visually, by finding them in paint. I don’t know if my dyslexia causes me to be this way, but I have a feeling it does.” – Rachel Deane, painter. We know lots of facts about dyslexia: It’s the most common reading disorder.

renaissanceacademy-raw-krauss-0080_slide-7f1b4db9692f8ccb0f78cd0bc9492e7f4c9c3922-s1100-c15Maybe Teaching Special Ed Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

This time last year, Stephanie Johnson was miserable. She was in her third year teaching special education at a junior high school in Lindon, Utah, about 40 minutes south of Salt Lake City. On the outside it looked like she was doing great.



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