Friday News Round Up: Screen Time and Learning Braille

I hope you all are enjoying the Friday News Round Up blog posts. I like sharing interesting articles that I’ve seen or heard over the past week, especially ones that I haven’t seen posted all over the internet. I have 2 new articles from NPR today. One is about parenting and screen time, and the other is about the declining Braille literacy. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Cropped man and woman using electronic device free imageParent Anxiety, Screen Time And Learning In The Digital Age

“If I can get them out the door with pants on, I feel like we’ve won the day.” A lot of parents can probably relate to those words from a stressed out dad, who’s trying to deal with big issues of parenting amid the normal chaos of just getting them to school.


As Braille Literacy Declines, Reading Competitions Held To Boost Interest

Reading isn’t usually a competitive sport. But it’s become one for Braille readers because of a lack of excitement about Braille. Right now, the Los Angeles-based Braille Institute is putting on regional competitions like this one in a classroom at the Tennessee School for the Blind.


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